A Mile In Their Roots: On Gravity (Proprioception)

Carolina Melo — Garlic Roots

“… as a designer and a poet, my priority became to find the most successful form of artistic but truthful translation… I have merely taken on the role of information translator, in an unusual adaptation of science/research to poetry, as I imagine it would be authored by the plant species I have carefully selected.”

- Carolina Melo

Gentle pull from down below
Whispers and hints subtly.

Ramified roots of direction,
I read the light weaving from above.

Attraction from both extremes
Tugs at my seams ever so lightly.

Veering movements over time
Gravity implied, gestures to me.

Intangible, untouchable to most,
Sense of place I’m lost without.

Tender delicate roots I’ll extend.
Invisible force I wait for your call.

Year-round perfect orientation
Feeling my location assured.

“Author”: House Pothos (Epipremnum Aureum)

Interdisciplinary Designer • Artist • Poet

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